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What does it mean to work in SoftManagement?

“In SoftManagement we want to have people like you, with talent, healthy ambition and desire to excel. People who strive and comply, always in a responsible way. That faces new challenges with enthusiasm, wants to win and competes with courage. We want your commitment and your creativity and power together to transform society in a positive way.

  • Teamwork

    Team spirit is a differential characteristic for SoftManagement. Professional success always depends on the team, on their ability to share and collaborate to achieve a common goal. Knowing your classmates is essential. Enhance their skills and help them overcome their weaknesses. As well as asking for advice and learning from them. Every day is a race in which we must be generous and collaborative.

  • Commitment to our Customers

    Your benefit and your satisfaction are the center of our activity. We put your interest before ours. We want to exceed your expectations and build long-term, just relationships based on trust.

  • Simplicity

    We reject everything that is superfluous, unnecessary and that does not contribute to making life better for our clients and colleagues. We rely on technology to be more efficient and agile. We innovate and look for new ways of doing things that benefit us all.

  • Responsibility

    We act with integrity and respect to our clients and colleagues. We use a transparent, clear and responsible language.

Get to know first-hand the experience of working in SoftManagement

"SoftManagement is a global company that offers many opportunities for professional growth, where entrepreneurship is fostered.
"I value the corporate responsibility policy in SoftManagement very positively, this type of initiatives that demonstrate Softmanagement's commitment to society, make me feel proud of the entity in which I work."
"We differentiate the great commitment to technology and innovation, looking for new ways of making software adapted to the habits and needs of customers."

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