Testing and
Quality assurement 

In the line of Testing & Software Quality Assurance, SoftManagement SA, offers a service guaranteed by its vast experience in software development, acquired in our 20 years in the National and International market, projects in which they have been implemented and taken out the best practices and methodologies based on models with high standards of the software industry worldwide.

During the management of our service, we support organizations in the process of accepting software products and / or in the planning, coordination and execution of all those activities that allow the control of the quality of their technological projects, in fronts that ensure The final quality of the products, such as: Functional tests, Non-functional tests, Quality assurance of the development process.

We have a qualified, certified human team with the required experience in the area of ​​Quality Assurance. Our team of Testers are Internationally certified by the ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualification Board) and the HASTQB (Hispanic America Software Testing Qualifications Board).