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Our Solutions & Services are characterized by constant training throughout the organization, to offer nowadays solutions that are framed in technologies that are at the forefront, present in all organizations, sectors, Financial, Tourism, Government, Smart Cities, Open Data Procedures and Citizen Participation among others, with the techniques that guarantee that our content and services are provided, are under the principles of advertising, responsibility, quality, security, availability, accessibility, neutrality, interoperability .

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COUNT€X$ web application available as software as a service or under licensing, which automates the process of reporting exchange information to the control and surveillance entities Banco de la República and Dian. It is developed under the regulatory guidelines of the External Circular DCIN-83 Bank of the Republic and the resolutions 09147 and 000099 of Dian. It allows through massive loads of customs and exchange information or the MT940 (excerpts in txt format), to feed the exchange forms that must be reported to the Banco de la República and the report formats to the Dian, automatically generating these files in format XML for easy electronic transmission control entities.

Minimizes risk of committing conceptual errors as the exchange numerals, are established according to their respective activities and parameterized by exchange transaction, the information recorded in the system is user-friendly, you can make changes, clarifications, missing or any regulatory operation allowed by the regulators at any time through the system. Stores all information recorded in a secure and robust data, managing logs auditing and security system.

PHAROS is an integrated platform for managing insurance, aimed at end users, which is known for being fully configurable, being implemented to operate directly on web.

Today, the dynamism of insurance companies requires a flexible application that allows them to face the market’s competitiveness requirements very quickly, without compromising the performance required for this type of business. PHAROS is a configurable system to bring new products to market in a very efficient way and make changes to existing products, companies positioning themselves ahead of their competition.

Pharos covers several lines of business and allows the configuration of Multi-risk products that combine not only coverage of the same line, but of different lines of business. It has the ability to handle: traditional life insurance and non-traditional, General Insurance, Health Insurance, Pension Insurance, Annuities, Guarantees and Bonds.


Process and Document Management

CityDocs is an electronic headquarters solution of SoftManagement, which allows the entity to implement its procedures and services electronically in a secure environment. The solution is designed to meet the provisions on the use and operation of digital citizen services (Decree 1413 of 2017 in Colombia). Electronic headquarters CityDocs implements PAPERWORK, electronic media, gives a secure environment, and thus gives us a digital citizenship to all users.

CityDocs service implemented in your organization can leverage the procedures aligned to the path of excellence given by the MINTIC (Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications of Colombia). Among its features components are: Web Portal. Tool that allows content management and publication of the electronic office | BPM tool Tool that allows the design and implementation of workflows associated with the services or procedures of the entity | Document Management. Tool that allows you to store documents as defined by the Law on Archives | Electronic Authentication Integrates authentication for admission of officials and citizens | Payment gateway. Integrated services that enable payment for services or procedures through various means of payment | Citizen folder. Integrated services allow you to interact with sending or receiving documents for different procedures or services of the companies

CityLegal is a truly innovative solution that integrates information generated laws in a country and facilitates public consultation, using robots artificial intelligence and the latest information technology, thanks to its component Artificial Intelligence, CityLegal is able to analyze hundreds of laws that are consolidated in the official gazettes of a country, classifying and relating this information automatically, without any effort of the entity.

Within classifiers CityLegal we can find topics such as: the Issuer, which establishes the entity that generated the law; the Sector, which identifies the sector of law enforcement; topics and subtopics, sorting on two levels of law issues; Thematic and materials, sorting on two levels matters related to law; The effective dates, which identifies the date of publication and enforcement of laws; Relations, identifying the affectations of the law with other laws.



You would like to offer your users a unique experience in your park?

Mi Parke, an app that will allow visitors to live an extraordinary user experience, the level of the best amusement parks in the world, thanks to the technological benefits of Augmented Reality (AR). Through geographical services and the configuration of the attractions or points of interest, visitors can walk and being located in the park and to discover its attractions with Augmented Reality, explanatory videos, audios and images, all this, through your mobile.

Thanks to its features, the application allows you to design the user experience in three main stages. Before the visit,, with a set of functionalities that will allow the user to organize and plan their visit to the park; During the Visit, cwith features that will allow the user to live the experience of enjoying what the park offers; and finally After the visit  because our solution and service, will give some aimed at creating loyalty for repeat users functionalities.

Plan your sales with data analytics and machine learning.

City Predictor, It is a platform that allows travel agencies to offer their tourism plans through data analytics and machine learning techniques using information from different stakeholders in their favor. From historical information on the behavior of domestic sales agencies, projections on the flow of foreigners arriving in the various immigration checkpoints in Colombia, the weather forecast at the destination city, and tourism categories most wanted (health, religious, ecological, fun, sun and beach, cultural, etc.), statistics are generated and predictions flow of travelers and hotel occupancy, which will allow agencies to make strategic decisions based on current information and forecasts, arising from the analysis of both internal and external, relevant data and optimize their sales and marketing budget.


Smart Cities

CityPlanning or the Project Bank allow management information public investment projects during the different phases of the life cycle of public investment.

SoftManagement CityPlanning, is a software platform that allows you to store, update, publish and consult summary, relevant and standardized public investment projects in a country information. SoftManagement platform has two main components that allow registration information and consultation projects. Each of these components has a set of modules that perform a specific function within the platform, allowing: Registration of public investment projects; Monitoring throughout the life cycle; Publication of standardized project information; Consultation georeferenced investment projects; Consultation and citizen participation through mobile, tablets or Smartphones

Problems being able to access a website, more if you are a disabled person?

We offer an innovative accessibility and usability solution that facilitates access and navigation to any Web page for people with Disabilities and / or Seniors, complying with the guidelines of AA and AAA levels of the w3c. Inklusion technology allows anyone, with or without disabilities, navigate their website without additional equipment, wherever it is, either a computer or mobile device, and at no cost to the end user.

Inklusion manages to put within reach topics, with a disability, it could not review a website as they would be in the VISUAL topic: Navigating with the standard keyboard and listening to the content of the page; or LANGUAGE: Surfing the web issuing any sonidoque will help you navigate; AUDITIVE: Browsing in a standard way showing the content with sign language; or motor: Surfing the web through voz.que commands instruct you have to do at every step; and screen reader: Surfing the web using the usual screen reader simultaneously.


Procedures, Open Data and Participation

Publish your projects and get more customers

CityLookout is a solution that will allow you to collect, centralize, process and present information and data resulting from their research studies efficient and interactive way, saving time and resources within your organization and interact with your target audience, achieving therefore, to convert its management in a tangible value when highlight all results easily.

Through the concept of a Data Observatory, it seeks to support complementary activities related to scientific dissemination and become a meeting forum, where citizens, institutions and companies can share experiences and ideas on the main themes of their research object that through Data History will allow you to present the information resulting from the research studies, presenting them as a significant story that is the link between the data and the people who need to obtain information, so this data history is built as a base on the needs of audience information effectively to visualize data to complement the narrative part.

Would you like to have your Social Responsibility projects and be able to show them to your stakeholders?

CitySight is a solution oriented to the publication of public or private investment projects that will allow entities or companies to publicize their management on the different projects through an interactive map and a dashboard. Through the concept of Geographic Viewer Project seeks to establish itself as a channel meeting where your target, institutions and stakeholders, the public can share their results and their views on the investment needs of each project and strengthen channels share.

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