Software development under factory model
Design and Construction Warehouse
Cloud Solutions

Software Factory

Not all the needs are covered with systems, tools or standard solutions that are found in the technology market, that’s why the development of customized software is one of our services of great importance. Using certified methodologies (RUP-UML-AGÍLES), we involve the stages of information gathering, architecture, design, and construction, according to the requirements specified by each client for the development of their projects.

We execute projects under the Software Factory model, offering our clients with this modality, increasing their capacity generating opportunity to respond to business needs, reducing costs, flexibility to attend initiatives with highly specialized groups in different technologies .

Design and Construction
Data Warehouse 

The warehouses or databases (Data Warehouse), are a fundamental part of all the information systems. We have specialized in the design and construction of data warehouses (Big Data) as a powerful tool that should allow to obtain structured, complete, reliable and efficient information.

Solutions in the Cloud &
Web Portals

Today cloud solutions allow not only considerable savings in infrastructure costs and internal operations, but also allows the availability, accessibility and interaction of different users and their systems via the Internet from anywhere in real time. We carry out your migration projects to the cloud, with our consultants specialized in implementation of solutions developed in the cloud, and / or in the development of new solutions according to your needs.

Likewise, our Web Portals developed for our clients, offer them the benefits of cloud solutions, allowing real-time transactions and web transactions in an agile and secure manner. The security of the information and the privacy of the data are risks that must be covered in the solutions in the cloud, that’s why our services are framed with the best practices of the industry and under ISO and 27001 security and quality standards.


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SoftManagement, ha diseñado y desarrollado productos propios, para soportar las necesidades de nuestros clientes en áreas especificas de la producción, con las cuales el manejo administrativo y de producción de las empresas obtiene beneficios reflejados en rendimientos, tiempos y costos.

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