Smart City System


TERRA 4D – The innovative software platform that immediately takes you to the next dimension in Smart City management. Solve any unanswered questions related to safety and protection in modern cities. The Physical Security Information Management solution “TERRA 4D” facilitates the detection of incidents, incidents related to security and protection, presenting complex information in a simplified geographical context, easy to use in 3D format, thus offering operators knowledge of the situation and ease of use.


Some benefits


Main advantages provided by TERRA 4D Smart City solutions helps:


  • Accelerates the response times to the situation and minimizes the risk.
  • It helps maintain public order and reduce crime.
  • Improves the communication of multiple agencies and the exchange of data
  • Reduce the cost of services by increasing efficiency and eliminating human errors.
  • Provides perfect knowledge of the situation, by incorporating all the relevant information in the GIS 3D model
  • Produces real-time information of all systems and subsystems on a unified operator platform.
  • Historical data time machine function.
  • Perfect integration of all existing and future subsystems,./li>

Vertical Solutions


The ULTIMUS V8 architecture is scalable, extensible, secure and 100% SOA based, which means that all interactions with ULTIMUS Clients and other applications are made through XML, SOAP and WSDL. The execution engine has a dynamic multi-thrading; The product complies fully with Unicode and is in 16 languages. ULTIMUS is implemented on Microsoft and Oracle Servers. The technology teams collaborate in the design, development and administration of the BPM through modules that accelerate the development through graphical interfaces, Ultimus also provides a sophisticated customized development when necessary.


Characteristics, Uses and Applications


The Ultimus Adaptive BPM Suite architecture is composed of a unique set of technologies that provides a BPM platform with the agility to easily adapt to the changes required to keep the BPM system up to date


Specifically, ULTIMUS adapts to:

  • People: The need of the people involved in making decisions and managing the flow.
  • Ecosystems: The frontal and internal systems of the company.
  • Changes: Unavoidable changes in roles, responsibilities, policies, procedures, regulatory requirements, and new or modified technology systems.


The key to managing adaptive capabilities, Ultimus has extracted many of the components of processes such as roles, rules, steps, forms, interoperability and data models outside the definition of processes and has stored them in repositories adapted for processes. Ultimus provides a usable and code-free interface that makes accessing and implementing changes to process components easier and faster.



Increase efficiency and effectiveness throughout the process chain

Improves the flexibility of the company

Improves competitive advantage

Improves employee satisfaction

Minimize the time to production

Decrease costs

Improvement Quality and Efficiency

Flexible IT system

Compensation Account Management System


COUNT € X $ web application available as software as a service or under licensing, which automates the process of reporting exchange information to the control and surveillance entities Republic Bank and Dian.


COUNT € X $ is developed under the regulatory guidelines of the DCIN-83 External Circular of the Bank of the Republic and resolutions 09147 and 000099 of the Dian. Allows through mass loading of customs and exchange information or the MT940 (extracts in txt format), feed the exchange forms that must be reported to the Banco de la República and the report formats to the Dian, automatically generating these files in the format xml for greater ease of electronic sending to control entities.


Minimizes risks of conceptual errors since the exchange numbers are established according to their respective activities and parameterized by exchange operation, the information registered in the system is easy to consult, modifications, clarifications, missing or any type of regulatory operation allowed by the regulatory entities at any time through the system. It stores all the registered information in a secure and robust database, managing the audit and security logs system.


It allows to maintain control over the movements of the compensation account of any local or foreign bank, minimizing typing errors and optimizing the preparation times of the exchange information.

Credit Profile Analysis System


It is a computer tool as an Integral Solution for the Analysis of the Credit Profile, which supports the credit analysis process and the filtering of online applications, thus eliminating the risk of granting a credit without the information relevant to its granting, the system can deployed in three main modules of Administration or Parametrization, Management and Scoring Models, supporting the following processes:


• Consultation and automatic validation of the information provided by the Risk Centers (CIFIN and DATACREDITO) against the parameters that determine the credit profile of the Organization for customers who aspire to be credit subjects.

• Data analysis and application of a score model assigning the client a score and profile according to the variables established by the entity.
• Application of payment capacity methodology which is implemented through a specific algorithm for the organization in which the customer’s income and expenses can intervene and information from the credit bureaus to present a quota value, offer additional products, if the disposable income allow it or suggest alternatives of longer term or a smaller amount.
• Validation of the client before a list of risky persons established by the financial sector and the entity in particular.


Functionality of the Interpreta System


Flexibility in the definition of Scoring Models.
• Policy of Risk Centers and Payment Capacity.
• Optimizes the Credit Analysis Process.
• Receive, summarize and analyze the information of risk centers, through an appropriate technical tool.
• Parametrizable in the Own Credit Conditions, which your Entity has as a Policy.
• Savings in Consultation Times and Information Analysis. Cost $ Opportunity.
• Operation and Simple, Friendly, and Functional Configuration.
• Web Architecture: Microsoft .Net and Data Bases Oracle or SQL Server.
• Fast Implementation.
• Web Services that Allow fast Integration with Current Systems.


Interpreta is part of the Microsoft PinPoint product and tool catalog.

Insurance System


PHAROS is an integral platform for the administration of insurance, aimed at end users, which stands out for being totally configurable, being implemented directly to operate on the web.


Today, the dynamism of insurance companies requires a flexible application that allows them to deal quickly with market competitiveness requirements, without compromising the performance required for this type of business. Therefore, as PHAROS is a configurable system, it allows launching new products to the market in a very efficient way and making changes to existing products, positioning companies ahead of their competitors.


Pharos covers several lines of business and allows the configuration of Multi-risk products that combine not only coverage from the same line, but from different lines of business. Pharos has the ability to handle:


  • Traditional and non-traditional Life Insurance
  • General securities
  • Health insurance
  • Pension Insurance
  • Income
  • Guarantees and Bonds


Due to its design and construction, Pharos covers different types of insurance commercialization:

  • Individual insurance
  • Colectiv Insurance
  • Group Insurance
  • Massive Insurance
  • Micro Insurance


In all cases, Pharos offers the ability to quote, subscribe and issue delegated, as well as the ability to offer customers, both agents and insured, the option to consult and manage, with defined restrictions, their own policies. Because PHAROS is a “Core” of Insurance, this includes the subsystems that allow managing any business in the branch, by:


  • One (1) product configurator and subscription and operation policies
  • One (1) quote manager including web quotes and policy administration (issuance and modifications or maintenance)
  • One (1) claims handler
  • One (1) reinsurance manager and
  • One (1) third-party management module and company structure.

Portal for Open Data


CityDatos, is the tool developed by SoftManagement S.A., which allows supporting the loading, exposure and relationship of Open Data, to be published in an agile and secure way. Our tool allows the creation of modules with the different initiatives of each entity, allowing you to expose your open data to the community complying with Decree 2482 of 2012 of Mintic.


It is a tool developed on DKAN, which is an Open Source open data platform based on DRUPAL, which meets the requirements of the U.S. Project Open Data, allowing the use of a complete set of cataloging, editing and visualization functions that allows governments, NGOs, Companies and Universities, among others, to publish their open data easily.


Characteristics of CityDatos


As CityDatos is a tool developed on DKAN, it allows the construction of independent portals, with specific information modules according to the initiatives chosen by each client, facilitating the exhibition of data in an agile and secure way, to be consulted, consumed, analyzed, and edited by the community in general.


  • Simple design and parameterization phase
  • A friendly design with responsive websites, allowing its exposure in Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.
  • Design of the main portal with the look and feel of the entity or company
  • Development on CMS Drupal, Open Source platform
  • Installation of Modules needed according to the initiatives to be exhibited


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