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IT transformation

New Trends


We constantly update ourselves to provide our customers with the most advanced technology
supporting their mobile projects and applications.

We call New Trends, technologies that help large companies today, to position itself at the forefront of the future, bringing all their systems
to contribute and help their business and so much more productive. So in SoftManagement, we work on our projects with
Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Augmented Reality and Internet of Things (IoT),
to provide all our customers solutions to their needs in processes, giving them tools with which to achieve scale their businesses quickly and securely.




Maximizes reasoning processes, learning and problem solving in your business

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Data collection leading to better strategic business decisions

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Augmented reality &

Augmented reality &

Internet of Things (IoT)

It integrates different functionalities that streamline different processes by modernizing functions

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Artificial Intelligence

Within the portfolio of projects working in SoftManagement, one of the leading technologies more exploration is Artificial Intelligence (AI), with framed technologies in machine learning, chatbots, crawling, sentiment analysis among others, using data quality as input to feed these learning processes and problem solving. With each cycle of software development we do, we are benefited with the implementation of tools artificial intelligence (AI), increasingly using machine learning that can give us such that we provide assistance to our software developers who are able to learn from a large number of scheduling rules, which can be accessed through different repositories, whether public or private.

In SoftManagement, we have Data Scientist and Data Citizens capable of appropriating and competently handle these tools, adapting them to meet the needs of our customers optimally and efficiently. In our company, we have seen as artificial intelligence used properly, it gives our customers the ability to maximize their reasoning processes, learning and solving business problems in an era where it is necessary to generate rapid changes and disruptive in business stay current on the market.

Big Data

Most important of Big Data, for organizations is that they can use all their data usually have stored in their systems with the help of Big Data customers can mold or try in any way they deem necessary, all this information and we can help by analyzing and obtaining this data for better decisions leading to its strategic business. This is why organizations are able to identify problems in a more understandable way, with cost reduction, and faster, which will allow them to make better decisions, at SoftManagement, work has been done, not only in the development of software, if not, we are now working on Solutions & Services with Big Data component for you.


Augmented Reality and Internet of Things (IoT)

Focused solutions for the tourism sector and assembly industry, Augmented Reality (AR) becomes our flagship technology to deliver extensive benefits to our customers. It is true that one of the main strengths and objectives of this technology is entertaining and improving user experiences, but if you look beyond the big companies are taking advantage of the potential of this technology to incorporate into different solutions that require in their day to day work. Our solutions leverage all the benefits of Augmented Reality and Internet of Things, to improve user interaction in different environments (tours, amusement parks, factories, etc). also allowing integrating different functionalities that streamline various processes and functions that allow modernize and retain end-users.


We want you to be our client

SoftManagement, has designed and developed its own products,
to support the needs of our customers in specific areas of production,
with which the administrative management and production companies gets reflected in yields, time and cost benefits.