Consulting in
Business Architecture 

The new role of information technologies demands answers to different questions, How to increase the efficiency and productivity of my company? How to become a highly digital company ?; How can I increase the satisfaction of my clients and Users? How can I create automated processes based on the existing systems in my company? We help your company in Enterprise Architecture processes with the assurance that our experience supports our services.

In SoftManagement S.A., we have experience in the execution of consulting projects on business architecture, where we seek to align the existing or not technological organizational platform, with its business processes and objectives. The business architecture projects require a strategic planning process where the set of projects and sub-projects that will have the purpose of transforming the organization from its current state, to its desired or objective state is defined.

An adequate management to carry out the Enterprise Architecture of a company is through the domains that compose it as they are:

Business Architecture = Business architecture is the first level of business architecture, and includes all the elements that are part of the company

Information Architecture that includes all the necessary data for the company to carry out the purpose of your business. In this e are framed the Applications Architecture that defines the way in which a software application is designed, both physically and logically; and the Data Architecture that defines the models, rules and standards that establish the way in which the data is collected, stored, organized, integrated and put at the service of the organization.

Technological Architecture defines the structure of hardware, software and communication networks required to support the mission critical applications of the organization.

Consulting in
Business Intelligence

Making decisions quickly and accurately, has become one of the keys to business success; To overcome this challenge, the concept “Business Intelligence” emerges as a service based on a set of technological tools to facilitate the extraction, debugging, analysis and storage of the data generated in an organization or in the market in general, for its direct exploitation (reporting, OLAP analysis, data mining, etc.) or for its analysis and conversion into knowledge as support for making business decisions.

SoftManagement S.A., provides the Business Intelligence consulting service with state-of-the-art tools based on its years of experience, to offer its clients a quality technological process that transforms their data into knowledge.

Consulting in
Open Data

The new tendency of governments in the world is to open up data to promote participation, social control and the generation of added values ​​and to develop a culture of transparency and citizen participation at the hands of government entities. SoftManagement SA, has been working on the open data initiatives of the national government for two (2) years, which has allowed us to know firsthand the importance of defining and adjusting the scope of an Open Data project, thereby allowing only comply with the demands requested by MinTic, in Decree 2482 of 2012, but also, concentrate efforts on the most relevant issues of the entities and so they can publish their data complying with this regulation.

We have “CityDatos”, which is the web tool developed by SoftManagement S.A., which will allow citizens to consult in an agile, fast and simple way the information exposed by entities and companies in general.

IT Projects

The high experience of SoftManagement S.A. in the analysis, design, development and implementation of systems, allows us to offer the service of Interventoría to Technology Projects in all its areas, as an integral service of a in Design, Construction and / or Implementation of Systems. A service in which we have been working in parallel since our creation, supported in PMI, ISO and CMMi methodologies, for the execution of the activities of this activity.

Management of development projects
& / or
System Implementation 

We support and support our clients when the Project Management service is required; a service aimed at offering organizations the support in the activities of management, risk, decision making, monitoring, and control of IT projects, based on methodologies from the areas of the Project Management Institute (PMI) ), and with a certified and technically qualified group we provide the organizations with an added value of high quality.

We are specialists
and we love what we do.

We are a Colombian company with more than 20 years of experience offering solutions and services in the Information Technology Sector. We have a portfolio of clients at a national and international level, with whom we have a high commitment of service and quality to generate value offer in the search of the satisfaction of their needs.

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