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"Desarrollamos soluciones tecnológicas por un mundo innovador"


What makes us the best?

Motivation accompanied by innovation and understanding of the needs of our customers, makes our company a special place where you work with passion and a high level of professionalism and quality, this formidable combination makes us the best alternative for our stakeholders.

Because in SoftManagement all is about work well, with passion, creating the synergy needed to achieve compliance with the challenges and goals with the complicity of a team committed by one goal: “Provide our customers with valuable solutions.”


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Our company

SoftManagement is a company characterized by being next to our customers all project time, taking the accompaniment as a philosophy that characterizes us, because our Software and our Solutions & Services & because we know how important are to them, that we never leave our clients halfway, no matter how complicated the project is, we are always at the forefront and that is why we have the highest quality standards, which allow us to projects carried out by us, become successful, productive and with a high level of satisfaction.

Our Mission

In SoftManagement not only we develop software, but also perform consulting in information technology and generate innovative solutions with a team committed to strengthening our customers and the balance of our environment.

Our Vision

“In 2020, SoftManagement will continue to be a leading company in Colombia and will be recognized in Latin America as a software developer, solution generator, information technology consultant; innovative and reliable, regarded by its customers as a strategic partner to fulfill its mission”.

Our Policies

We are guided and keep the policies of:

–  Corporate social responsibility

–  Security & Confidentiality of information

–  Quality management

–  Intellectual property & Copyright

–  Corporate governance

–  Training, Self Management & Knowledge

–  Environment & Occupational health


This is the SoftManagement staff

We have a team of PMP Project Managers, Project Managers, Functional Engineers, Architects, Designers, Software Developers Engineers, Support Engineers, Technical Consultants and Advisors on specific issues, with extensive national and international experience.

Adriana Lucía Falla Lozano

CEO - General Manager

``Leader, entrepreneur, award-winning, highlighted twice in the top 100 entrepreneurs in the country.``

Adriana Lucía Falla Lozano

Mauricio Rodríguez Santamaria

Commercial and Marketing Director

``Dreamy entrepreneur who with respect and teamwork reaches the proposed goals.``

Mauricio Rodríguez Santamaria

Pilar Astrid Falla L.

Director of Consulting and Product Area

``An outstanding professional who always offers expert advice and consulting companies.``

Pilar Astrid Falla L.

Martha Esperanza Huérfano

Software Area Director

``Woman of high qualities, has deep knowledge in management and project management.``

Martha Esperanza Huérfano

Ronald Arbey Plazas

Director Architecture and Innovation Area

``A professional with high analytical ability.``

Ronald Arbey Plazas

Constanza Andrea Rueda

Director of Quality and Human Resources Area

“Responsible and committed to the continuous improvement of our quality processes”.

Constanza Andrea Rueda

Jesús Antonio Caro

Business Analysis Unit Leader

``Leader strategist responds with a dynamic creative solution to every need.``

Jesús Antonio Caro

Ema Esperanza Ramos


``A person with the knowledge and experience required to support the operation of SoftManagement.

Ema Esperanza Ramos


Safety & Environment

Security and health at work

We work every day by implementing our management programs, through which we carry out actions aimed at preventing injuries and illnesses. With this management and the promotion of a culture of self-care, we have a team healthy working and committed to safety and health at work.

Security of the information

We have devoted much effort to the implementation of Safety Management System Information under the Technical Standards International ISO 27001: 2013. We translate requirements model into tangible and useful practices that are now implemented across the entire organization and provide our customers the assurance of integrity, confidentiality and availability of information.

Committed to the environment

We implement initiatives to mitigate the environmental impact that we generate to accomplish our goals. It has been a process in which all our employees have participated, have been involved and, likewise, carry a positive message about a change of culture to their homes.


Organizational Indicators

The organization has reports of our management according to the most significant processes of the Company;

which allow us a better decision making.

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