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A new achievement for SoftManagement: CMMI Certifications Level 5 for “Development and Services”

A new achievement for SoftManagement: CMMI Certifications Level 5 for “Development and Services”

Full of pride, we obtained for the first time the CMMI certification level 5 in Services and the ratification of level 5 in Development, being one of the only three companies in Colombia to have these certifications at the highest level. This is another achievement of the great work team of our company that works daily to grow SoftManagement and the IT Sector in Colombia and all those who support Software and Technology Development companies.

At maturity level 5 (also called optimization), our organization has achieved all the goalsof the process and the areas assigned to maturity levels 2, 3, 4 and 5, and the generic objectives assigned to maturity levels 2 and 3

This level focuses on continuous improvement of process performance through innovative technological enhancements and improvements. The quantitative objectives of process improvement for the organization are established and reviewed continuously to reflect the objective business changes, and are used as criteria for the administration of process improvement.

The effects of the improvements implemented in the processes are measured and evaluated in relation to the quantitative objectives of process improvement. Both the defined processes and the set of standard processes of the organization are objectives for considerable improvement activities.

Optimization of agile and innovative processes, depends on the participation of trained personnel aligned with the business values and objectives of the organization. The organization’s ability to respond quickly to changes and opportunities is enhanced by finding ways to share and encourage learning. Process improvement is inherently a role that everyone has to play, which translates into a cycle of continuous improvement.

A fundamental difference between maturity level 4 and maturity level 5 is the type of process variation. At maturity level 4, the processes are responsible for special causes of process variation and provide statistics to predict the results. Although the processes may produce predictable results, the results may not be sufficient to achieve the established objectives. At maturity level 5, processes are responsible for common causes of process variation and process change (i.e., change of process performance medium) to improve performance (while maintaining statistics for provide) to achieve the quantitative objectives of process improvement.

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