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MinTIC awards SoftManagement S.A. with the Manuel Murillo Toro Medal

MinTIC awards SoftManagement S.A. with the Manuel Murillo Toro Medal

The Minister of Information Technology and Communications (ICT), David Luna, presented the Medal of Merit of Communications Manuel Murillo Toro, third class in bronze to our company SoftManagement SA for his 20 years of work supporting the strengthening of the Colombian IT industry and promoting the development of national software, to turn it into a world-class product.

During the award ceremony, the ICT Minister thanked our Manager, Adriana Lucía Falla Lozano, for the quality standards that SoftManagement has achieved not only in Colombia, but worldwide. He also stressed that “our IT industry moves more than $ 13 billion pesos in sales, generates almost 110 thousand jobs, has consolidated 13 specialized regional clusters and is also responsible for digitizing an entire country.”

SoftManagement S.A. It has 20 years of experience and is a 100% Colombian company, which provides services such as software development, maintenance, consulting, testing – quality assurance in software, and products. Last May we became the first Colombian company to be certified under the ITMark model at its elite level and it is the only Latin American company with such recognition, granted by the E.S.I. European Software Institute.

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